American Biltrite Belgium


1966   Inauguration of Ideal Belgium by the Garfield family (garage box size operation)
1968   Ideal Tape US and its European subsidiary is sold to Chelsea Corporation
1969   Ideal Belgium to become part of list of 3000th biggest companies in Belgium
1975   Move into the new building on 'I.Z. Klein Frankrijk' industrial park
1986   Chelsea is sold to American Biltrite, Inc. turnover of 2.5 million USD
1991   Introduction of Graphical product lines: TransferRite Application Tape
1997   Launch of Automotive Car Protection system: Autowrap
2003   Inauguration of Abitalia in Civitanova Italy, a specialized shoe Tape service center adding 
           3 Million USD turnover to the group
2007   Launch of sophisticated building insulation system: Jacketing Tape
2008   Turnover of 25 million USD for Belgium for working area EMEA